Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Drag racing in Kuwait - Why stop there?

It's just been announced that a private investor is willing to put up funds and expertise to create an official (although private) international standard quarter mile drag strip in Kuwait.

This is an eagerly awaited development, if all it does is gives drivers somewhere to go and 'burn off' their need for straight line speed instead of using the nation's roads.

But why stop at just a drag strip, there is a need for circuit racing as well - it's not all about straight line driving - the need to be able to go round corners is there as well.

I frequently come across drivers who charge straight past me on straight roads only to decelerate quite dramatically when confronting curves and corners, to the extent that drivers behind are also required to slow right down. 

So, come on chaps, let's have both - it could help to improve the standard of driving here. Take the boy racers off the streets by giving them a proper place to practise and everyone will benefit.

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