Friday, 14 June 2013

Around Montmorillon Forum has had the movers in...

About Around Montmorillon

Around Montmorillon was started by 'P' in April 2009. The idea behind it was a place where English speaking people living in or around the Montmorillon area of France could find and share information about this beautiful area. There were sections for What's On, Classifieds, Language, Schools, Utilities, Health, Work, Renovating and more.

Moving On: After a couple of years running Around Montmorillon 'P' was moving back to the UK and it wouldn't be easy for him to continue the administration. He posted an announcement that the options are #1 close the forum or #2 would anyone want to take it over? People didn't want to see Around Montmorillon close, but running a forum is very time consuming and a lot of hard work. However he did get a couple of offers from existing members with some experience, and the forum managed to survive with the help of 'S'.

Problems: However like most forums, Around Montmorillon has had its problems with spam, and the odd annoying member intent on trying to stir things up by way of spiteful and inappropriate remarks. Another problem that Around Montmorillon had was it is a free hosted forum which is not very user friendly due to advertising and theme, also with a free hosted forum the admin will never have full control over it. This has been proved recently by a new thread entitled "Around Montmorillon is in danger of closing" The thread about the possibility of closure received a few posts from existing members, who felt it would be a shame to loose such a valuable source of local information. Also P's hard work from over 4 years ago would be gone for ever.

Solution: 'F' an existing member of 3 years, who has lived in the area for 9 years, contacted the current admin 'S' and offered a solution. 'F' runs a small but successful non-profit forum for people with a health problem, and that forum never uses all of its available web-space per month. He also offered to purchase the domain name, install & maintain the software, and take on the role as a moderator to help 'S'. This will guarantee the survival of Around Montmorillon, and bring it bang up to date with a new look and added security for its members.

Now: The New Around Montmorillon Forum is now open, with its new software, brand new URL and a revamped look. Around Montmorillon has and will continue to be a non-profit forum, we don't do it for the money, we do it for the enjoyment of giving people a safe and friendly forum. And this is in keeping with the way it was originally started all those years ago.

Next: If you have any suggestions for the new forum please let us know, as it's the members that make a successful forum.

Thank You.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all, Rosie and I having problems getting on to the web site - getting "Error 403 " message " access to server content denied".
Happens when either using link from emails or if entering URL direct. Will keep investigating but just thought we'd share the problem!
Regards Huw