Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's been too long

Since I last posted and for that I'm sorry.

Things are changing, we've back overseas again - back into the desert. To the land of high temperatures, high-rise living and crazy driving.

Yep, back in the Middle East - just in time for summer where today's peak temperature is a reasonable 39c. Yes I did say "reasonable" because of the low humidity here it's not too unbearable, however that'll change in the coming weeks when the mercury starts edging towards 50c.

I'll try to post more frequently, mostly about life as an expat again.

Yesterday we decided to visit the cinema here in Kuwait, the first time ever ! having found out about the V.I.P
screens that give a little more comfort for your Dinars. It's really nice being able to watch in a cinema, seated in a really comfortable leather reclining lounge seat complete with footrest and side tables. With only a total of 48 seats in the theatre and only about a third of them occupied it really feels as if it's a 'personal screening' of the movie.

OK, there is the issue of a little bit of censorship, but from what I noticed it didn't detract from the overall movie - Star Trek The Darkness was really really enjoyable. The quality of the sound I felt was great even with it being quite loud it never was distorted.

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