Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pheasant / Faisan - Tasty but STUPID

Honestly, there cannot be a more stupid bird than the male  Pheasant.

One of our neighbours breeds Pheasants (Faisan in French), for what exact purpose we're not sure. They could be going to the meat trade or they could be raised for landowners to purchase allowing for hunters to come away from their weekend 'blitzkreigs' with something more than flesh wounds (believe me when I say it happens quite a lot in the French countryside).

We think that there might have been a successful escape committee formed in the breeding pens as recently there have been numerous birds walking around the chemins. Much to the pleasure of our two dogs who love disturbing them when we're out walking (however my shoulder takes quite a bashing holding the boys back).

But, coming to the stupidity of these birds, why is it that when we come across a gaggle of them on the lane, they simply continue along the lane in front of us rather than getting out of sight? Drives the dogs nuts I tell ya!

When eventually they do decide to bugger off, it is with the inevitable squawk on take-off, they might as well shout out "Hey hunters, here I am!!!".

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