Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Brittany Ferries - Gloomy outlook.

Earlier, I wrote about our experiences with Brittany Ferries and their unfortunate decision to 'lock-out' the staff and stop running ferry services so as to make it better for their customers. I use the term unfortunate not in connection with the actual stopping of the services, but that it unfortunately impinged on our travel plans.

Well as I wrote earlier, along with the 'update' about the unions having accepted the management's proposal you'll see that I forecast that this agreement might not last too long.

Source: Le Figaro
It now appears, according to an article in the French language Le Figaro, that the CFDT union is already back-tracking and talking about further disruptions/strikes. Seems to me that these people have no intention of Brittany Ferries staying 'afloat' (pun intended) - don't these people realise that no company can continue indefinitely running at a massive loss before having to do something about it?

Brittany Ferries have to get out from underneath the 'boot' of these unions, they have a long history in providing cross-channel services (and also to southern Ireland and northern Spain) to the north western regions of France. Without these services the region will once again be 'cut off' from one of its main markets - that of the UK and Ireland.

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