Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A new woodburner

UPDATE 2: New woodburner installed and first firing underway...

UPDATE: After a little run-around (first store didn't have the one we wanted in stock), we're now proud owners of a new woodburner. Currently sitting in the back of the van - do you know just how heavy these things are. Got a mate coming round to help unload tomorrow and get into the lounge for me to install.

We've been talking about it for quite some time, looks like it's actually going to happen.

Unfortunately the woodburner that came with the house when we bought over three years ago - and it was then already an old woodburner - is now really beginning to show its age. One of the door hinges is a little warped and requires a certain knack to getting it closed - not a difficult one, but in such a way that precludes one from doing it by hand due to the length of time and pressure of grip required resulting in singed fingers... not good.

Plus in January 2011 we had to purchase a new grate for it the old one having really worn out. After some searching online and in the local bricks and mortar retailers we found one of the correct size and had it sent over - it was from northern UK so the costs of the carriage also had to be taken into consideration. Anyway it has already failed with three of the central bars having warped and then broken away leaving a quite substantial gap in the middle of the grate. Amazingly enough the retailer who we bought this grate from now says that in their opinion grates are only "good for ONE season" - Bull I say, what they really mean is that their product is not 'fit for task'!

We're going out to the local 'shed' this afternoon to purchase the unit that we had previously decided was the one for us, it's on 'special offer' for a few days - quite lucky timing really.

Will post some photos on here as soon as I get it back and installed.

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