Wednesday, 22 August 2012

When you live in a country of which so much...

Source: France24
When you live in a country of which so much is rural and the cost of your daily fuel requirements keep increasing it is only going to lead to greater hardships.

So many French residents in the rural areas are receiving such low household incomes they can easily be classified as fuel-poor (deprived).

The vast majority of countryside hamlets and villages are simply not serviced by public transport, so having your own form of independent transport becomes an 'essential' rather than a 'luxury'.

This proposed action by the PM can only be a good thing, although I am sure that it will be seen to benefit the vast majority of the population (those living in well serviced conurbations) instead of those who really depend on having their own transport capabilities for their livelihoods and their survival.

OK I'm sure we'll hear from people saying that those in the countryside should simply 'up sticks' and move to the cities - but, tell me, how can this be achieved when the house-sale market in France is so depressed. Not to mention the actual shortage of accommodation within the cities.

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