Monday, 8 October 2012

Two more valid reasons that this is a stupid...

Source: The Connexion
Update: according to a news report in Le Figaro the imposition of penalties won't now take place until March 2013. Thoughts are that this step, whilst supposedly due to problems in sourcing sufficient units is quite likely to be the first step in the annulment of this daft law.

Two more valid reasons that this is a stupid new law - I see mention that they're no good after being exposed to 40c temperatures. I would say that the majority of vehicles left out in the sun could easily exceed internal temperatures of 40c+

So now we have to leave our cars and their A/Cs running during the day just to ensure we don't invalidate our breath-test kits.

Farming unions complain over law forcing them to have breathalysers on tractors - The Connexion
FARMERS have protested against the law saying all road vehicles must carry a breath test - because it also applies to them on their tractors. The only vehicles exempt under the law are mopeds as they ...

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