Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So, according to the US if I was to walk ...

So, according to the US if I was to walk around with a "V for Vendetta" mask on this would, to them, be acceptable...?

The French law enforcement rules are quite clear, if an officer (and I suspect this would be the same in any country) requires to identify an individual then how may I ask are they supposed to do this when the person is veiled.

There is even a standing arrangement for full-face motorcycle helmets, everyone quite happily takes them off when entering, for example, a supermarket and leaves them at the reception. Both from a perspective of security/visibility and it also saves them having to be carried around the store.

US report criticises French Islamic veil ban
A wide-ranging US State Department report has criticised France and Belgium for passing controversial laws that prevent women from wearing full Islamic veils.

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