Saturday, 11 August 2012

Is Speedy Gonzales your middle name?

Source: France24 (click image to go to article)
The number of fixed speed cameras on French roads has increased apace since they were introduced in 2003. But despite almost halving the number of motoring fatalities, not everyone is happy.

One of the problems with driving in France is quite often the long distances involved, this can very easily make the driver wish to make up as much time as they can, the issue here though is when they feel that they don't need to slow down whilst going through urban and residential areas.

The 50kph (and sometimes less) limits in these areas are there for a reason!

OK, on the motorways and the Péage routes where the road is nice and straight, with controlled exits and entrances it is arguably acceptable to go a little above the national limits (should you choose to accept the consequences), but it is quite simply not acceptable in other locales.

Yes, we all want to get to our destinations as soon as possible, but let's all think of the potential consequences of our haste.

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