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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

France backs away from Hadopi... Hadopi,...

France backs away from Hadopi...

Hadopi, the body charged with hunting down freetards under France’s three-strikes law, has sent a million warning e-mails and 99,000 registered letters. This seemingly-impressive pursuit of Internet evildoers has, however, resulted in a scant 134 cases being examined for prosecution – and so far, zero cases have been escalated to the point where an Internet user has been disconnected.

This always was a poorly thought out plan, there was not even any consideration taken into being able to sort out what to do if a user complained that "someone else has been using my connection". In the case of holiday rental businesses they had to take a very difficult decision - do they stop providing internet access as the business would be the one to get punished or do they run the risk.

France backs away from Hadopi • The Register
Filippetti told Le Nouvel Observateur (Google translation here) that Hadopi had also failed in a key part of its mission, to foster legal content to replace illegal downloads. The French government ha...

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