Friday, 20 July 2012

This story is about the guy who needs to ...

This story is about the guy who needs to use augmented vision aids to see what he's doing, until he goes into McDonalds in Paris who took it seems major umbrage to his medical aid.

I wonder if they feel the same about others wearing artificial medical aids, I myself whilst not in the same situation as the Professor also have an artificial lens (albeit not visible to the outside world) and would certainly no longer feel happy about patronising the 'golden arches'.

Whilst the vast majority of McDonalds branches around the world tend to be franchises and may not have that direct link to the owners issues like this MUST be taken care of by them - they cannot hide behind their corporate curtains and say this is 'not their problem' - it most certainly is.

This negative publicity certainly won't be good for McDonalds US/UK/Europe especially at a time when they are trying to put on a good face to the world with their major sponsorship of the London Olympics 2012 (don't get me started on that ridiculous fact).

Teach McDonalds a lesson, let's all agree to stay away from them for the months of July and August, that'll cost them all their additional profits that they expect to make during this year's Olympic Games.
Professor Offers Proof that McDonald's Tried to Take His Google-Style Glasses: Scientific American
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