Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics - Visa - FAIL

Another perfect example of why single-vendor/supplier sponsorship at major events does NOT work.

Yet again the race (excuse the pun) for guaranteed profits takes priority over access to services.

The UK society is moving away from being a cash carrying population and yet here we are being forced to use a company who cannot guarantee that their services will even work.
Olympics: Anger As Visa Cards Crash At Wembley
Fans at the packed Olympics football double-header are asked to pay for food and drink with cash after a problem with the tills.
Here's a comment from one attendee of this arena...

"It was more than the issue with visa that caused the chaos. We joined the queue at the end of the first match after an hour and ten mins we reached the front only to be told they had run out of food. I then went to several kiosks only to be told the same! I eventually got food but missed most of the first half of the team GB match. As we were in the arena for 8hours being advised to arrive two hours before kick off and that we were not able to take own food or drinks. We therefore needed to be able to buy food!"

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