Thursday, 11 August 2011

To 'Bisous' or not to 'Bisous'

As you're all aware the French make a habit of kissing on the cheek when they greet friends, co-workers and family, depending on which category you're in dictates how many cheeks get the attention with family of course coming out on top.

Well, according to a survey done in Germany by their Knigge-Akadamie, a society that advises Germans on 'correct' behaviour, this kissing is not liked by the majority of their nationals. They're calling for it to be banned in the workplace especially and that everyone should also abide by their definition of the 60cm personal space exclusion zone.

This for me really enhances the opinion that Germans are very stand-off-ish and that they in particular can't handle physical contact from others (with presumably the exception of their partners).

All I can say is that this is most likely to be 'their loss not ours', having worked out in the Middle East you get used to cheek kissing except that there it's not male/female greetings but male/male, so having it as the norm for male/female in France, Italy and other 'romantic' nations for me is not a problem at all.

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