Friday, 29 July 2011

F1 to be broadcast predominantly by SKY SPORTS in 2012-2018

Absolutely appalling decision, those of us who look forward with great eagerness to each F1GP are going to be especially sore.

Not everyone is able to get Sky satellite broadcasts and even if I could I would certainly NOT be handing over so much for the privilege of watching a sport that has at its roots the requirement for it to be a majority Free-To-Air broadcast event.

BBC announcement

Petition to keep it on BBC

F1 Fanatic Blog

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From next year, the only way to see a full season of F1 will be to buy a Sky Sports subscription. And they don’t come cheap.

For 12 months of Sky Sports a new user will have to pay £487*. And that’s only if you want to see the action in standard definition.

*12 months at £39.75 per month plus a £10 set-up fee. HD costs an extra £10.25 per month

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