Saturday, 20 November 2010

The French Gendarmerie Nationale go Open Source

Information shamelessly taken from WiredVC it has been announced that the French Gendarmerie Nationale are going Open Source.
France’s Gendarmerie Nationale recently decided to review its IT infrastructure policies. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, now reports the police force has upgraded its 85,000 PCs to Ubuntu Desktop Edition, removing its reliance on the Microsoft operating system completely. As well as simplifying maintenance and improving ease of use, Ubuntu Desktop Edition is saving “les flics” €2m a year just in licence fees. Moreover, the force has also re-purposed 4,500 machines to act as local servers, dramatically reducing its hardware expenditure
Good news for the Linux community, not so good I guess for Microsoft - but then all MS had to do was to provide working software (not bloatware) at decent prices.

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