Saturday, 28 August 2010

Eleven pleasant little surprises.

One of our Muscovy ducks has been sitting on a clutch of her eggs for quite a while now, we didn't know when she started putting the clutch together so were not sure of when they may be due to hatch.

Well this morning she presented her eleven little ducklings to us and very proud of them she is, standing there making her little 'wheep wheep' noise that she uses when talking with me.

What is very surprising though is that when we tried incubating some of their eggs they proved to be infertile. So we were/are of the opinion that the drake was 'firing blanks', this might now appear to be wrong.

Why, you ask, am I not sure - well we also have a Rouen drake who is a randy bugger, well known for trying to hump anything with feathers and he's certainly been seen trading the Muscovys.

Time will tell, some of the ducklings are not pure yellow, they have dark tails so maybe some of them are crosses. But I'd certainly like to have some more Muscovy ducks, they sell well and also lay extremely tasty eggs.

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Anonymous said...

They're so cute! Are you going to keep them?