Tuesday, 17 August 2010

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The Great Fire of Chez Moreau...

Today a great inferno took hold on the surroundings of the quiet hamlet of Chez Moreau, never in the history of our time here has so much been owed to so few... well that's not quite true - there were more Pompiers on the scene than there are residents of our little hamlet.

A fire broke out (the instigator of which will for the moment remain nameless) quickly turning a number of grazing fields into a mini-inferno.

Buckets were brought to bear on the flames and two, yes TWO "camion de pompiers" were called out.

At times the flames were a mere 4-5 metres from our sheep pen (the one with the pregnant ewe in), they were quickly released and attention once more brought to fighting the fire.

Houses were almost torched along with a number of defenceless fruit trees.

Pictures and further eye witness reports in our later bulletin...

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