Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Don't ya just love crackpots (aka we're doomed - not 'domed')

OK not so specific to life in France (unless the guys predictions come true, when there wouldn't be a life left in France), but you've just got to be impressed with the grandeur of Terrence Aym's apocalyptic soon to be end of life on earth as we know it pediction.

Have a read HERE..., if you have any general knowledge you'll soon realise that this guy, whilst spouting 'facts', is quite simply extrapolating the wrong results. I mean can you imagine a 20-mile wide 'bubble' let alone it actually popping.

This was reported by one of my favourite on-line news sites known as El Reg and whilst the article itself is quite likely to bring out further doom-sayers (have a look at the comments page) it just goes to show that there are some members of the human race who really ought not read this sort of stuff. I can imaging images being broadcast around the USA of panicking populace stocking up on essentials, clearing the shelves of anything that just might be considered worth having.

So if you'll please excuse me, I'm just popping out to the boulangerie to stock up on croissants - probably not worth getting anything else other than ammunition to fight off the inevitable hoards of roaming mutants this will bring on.

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