Friday, 4 June 2010

Fly Screens - Love 'em or hate 'em

Fly screens, whilst they may not be the most attractive thing to stick on the front of your house, they are here in south-western France quite essential.

Unless you've got central air-conditioning (we haven't), you're quite likely to be opening up all the windows once the sun has moved off them. This is when they are most necessary - there are some pretty big flying critters out here, not that the big flies bite that much it's the little ones that cause the biggest troubles.

So, this morning I've spent the time renovating the old screens and making one new one. Our previous ones were fitted with a white cotton mesh, which whilst it matched the colour scheme, were simply too fragile especially after a summer's exposure to the heat and light. These new ones are fitted with mesh made from glass-fibre and although they are grey coloured don't seem to stand out. I spent a reasonable amount of time searching on-line for a sensibly priced supplier of screen material - eventually settling on a French manufacturer who was able to cut to the length and width required, reducing the amount I would need to trim off.

Anyway, the front ones are installed, the windows opened and quite a refreshing breeze flowing through the lounge as I type.

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