Sunday, 30 May 2010

Who says it's good weather for ducks...?

From experience I can certainly confirm that the phrase 'It's good weather for ducks' has quite probably never had any of their own.

We woke up this morning to 'duck weather', it is raining quite steadily and the forecast shows it being set in for the day.

I don't think this photo shows the extent of the rain, OK it's not a deluge - but heavy enough to piss off all of the chickens and ducks - I can be sure that they'll all be keeping under cover as much as they can today. The OH has already let the cats out and they are definitely NOT impressed.

Probably the only benefit from this weather is that our well could be replenished, at the moment it takes fourteen turns of the handle to get the bucket up from the water level to the surface - around 12 metres - we use this water for the animals, at least it's neither metered nor containing fluoride etc. (the animals do prefer their water without this flavour). The water butts (garden watering) are also being topped up.

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