Friday, 21 May 2010

Un voisin et ami + un fendeur de bûches = one happy but knackered me.

Well, I'm very pleased to report that this 'small' pile of logs is at the very least reduced by one third.

They have been chain-saw cut into rounds of about 25-30cm length over the space of a day.

Then whilst talking to one of our neighbours we found out that a good friendly French neighbour had a "Fendeuse", a mechanical log-splitter. She was quite happy to let us borrow it, we'll be ready to 'pay' her back in the way of rabbit meat which we know she enjoys (although all she really wanted was a kiss in return).

I've just put the Fendeuse back into the store, so I'll take a photo of it in a day or so - I need to cut up more logs ready for splitting, but that won't happen today as I'm too knackered.

But today's splitting filled seventeen wheel-barrow loads of firewood for moving into the store. All in all I think a good day's work.

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