Thursday, 20 May 2010

Today was "Tax Day"

We decided for no other reason than "We're running out of time!" to complete our tax declaration today.

The deadline for presentation of the paper version is in about eight days time and that's to an office that is about 30km from here.

Fortunately our tax here in France is quite simple (has to be as we've not had to make any declarations for the previous 10 years), so I thought how about we have a bash at doing it on-line, in French - I mean how difficult could it be?

Well, first stop was the "simulator" that will actually give you an estimate of what your tax liabilities would be against whatever you declare. Wow, that was easy and I have to admit that I did like the result.

So after checking a couple of things I gave the on-line declaration a go - to be honest I didn't really expect it to be too difficult expect for some of the language (theirs not mine!) - and because they had already pre-filled in most of the form it only took around half an hour.

I guess this confirms us as being 'in the system' so to speak as this is now our second declaration - and so far I do like the results.

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