Monday, 24 May 2010

This year's first batch have hatched

I'm pleased to announce the arrival, yesterday and today, of the first of this year's incubator hatchings.

They appear to be a mixture of Light Sussex and a few that I expect to be a cross between French browns and a Light Sussex coq.

Out of the batch of 20 eggs set, we've hatched 17 - there are a couple of eggs being left in the incubator for a little while longer, but these might well be late stage death eggs. There is a 'mass' inside when looked at with the candling lamp, but I don't think that they are viable.

The 20th egg was removed after the first week as this was quite clearly an infertile egg - the last thing you want is an infertile egg in an incubator, there is the risk that it could go bad and explode, when they do it can jeopardise the whole clutch.

In the second incubator, the smaller less automatic unit, we have the duck eggs, these take about a week longer than chickens - this would be our first duck incubation, so we're keeping our fingers crossed (two eggs have already proven to be infertile and removed).

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