Monday, 31 May 2010

Duckling hatching

Update, well number one duckling is very well and seems to be growing by the minute.

As for the second hatchling, well (s)he's a bit of a problem - very weak to start off with, had a major difficulty getting out of the shell and also had an exposed yolk sac. This has, I'm happy to report, now been absorbed into the body and it does seem to be slowly improving although still weak. Not so sure about the long-term prognosis, I think this one may well also have a dodgy leg - but it's too early/weak to do anything about it just now.

There are three other eggs still in the incubator, two are pipped - one of which is clearly and noisily working its way out. The third I think may be a late stage death - it does happen.

Now for the 'funny'. It doesn't matter what animal it is, but I find that all youngsters are capable of sleeping in strange positions - how about this one (don't worry it's fine just doesn't look it).

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