Saturday, 17 April 2010

Round bales = Shredded fingers

We've just about run out of our home-grown hay from last season and as a result we've now started using the first of our bought in round hay bales...

Last year we allowed our grass-land to grow to a good length of at least one foot, this is wild grasses along with what is more normally described as grass (that nice juicy green stuff), we then cut it ourselves and after allowing it to dry in the sun - we boxed it up and put into storage.

"Boxed it up?" you might say, yes it's a lot easier to handle and store upstairs in the barn grenier than having it baled. At least then my OH is able to move the boxes around herself, something that would simply not be possible if it was left baled.

Anyway, back to the round bales - and the one on the right is a Full Sized bale, we use Half Sized ones - obviously as we're using the hay for rabbit bedding/fodder we don't need to much at any one time, so we pull off a bit at a time into a bin.

Suffice it to say this is not good for the fingers being that it's so tightly rolled/bound. Anyway I took the bale out into the garden/field to break it open and transfer into cartons, this worked very well and it's now all stored upstairs ready for use by our very tasty rabbits (yes we breed them for the table).

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