Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Winter's Over (Just joking)

We really had hoped that the spring would soon be coming and that simple change in the season would enable us to reduce or even stop the amount of heating we've been working our way through. Our main heating of choice is the good old wood-burner, here in rural France it's probably the most predominant method.

However this winter seems to have started earlier and been colder than previous (unless we're getting soft) and we have certainly burnt our way through what seems like a small forest. To such an extent that we were seriously short of wood and were supplementing the heating through our oil-fired central heating.

Fortunately I managed to get a hold of some sensibly priced wood to restock our supplies - but it meant having to go collect it from a drop-off point some 16kms away from the house. So out came the trusty Landrover and my favourite trailer (loaned by a really good friend), then all that was needed was to load it up, drag it home and offload.

Well eight stere's of wood is quite a fair bit, but the best part of this order was the diverse range of sizes - all the way from what could almost be described as kindling, up to some seriously big chunks. Guess I'm going to have fun with the chainsaw in the coming days.

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