Monday, 22 March 2010

Bobby update 5

Good news folks.

Christophe our vet has told us this morning that today's visit for dressing change will be the last one needed to be seen/done at the surgery. Bobby's healing so well that we can continue to change his dressing this week as and when necessary (it does get soggy from when he can lick it without us noticing).

After this week we can expect that there will be no longer any need for any dressing, leave it open to the air to help the final healing.

As far as long term care, we're to continue keeping him on the lead whilst out and about, even for his 'bathroom' activities - he's quite used to that now. This should last another month during which time we'll gradually increase his exercise time from the current 15 minutes twice a day. This will slowly allow the new ligaments to continue 'bedding in' and for the leg to continue it's growth around them.

He'll then be able to continue putting on more muscle on the leg, it has lost condition whilst the leg was injured. But the vet is impressed with the improvement he's seen, especially the amount of weight Bobby can put on the leg.

So hopefully in the coming months Bobby will be back to, if not better than, his former self.

Oh and a big thank you goes out to Christophe for speaking to the 'breakdown' operator when my car decided to die outside the surgery - he's an all round good guy!

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