Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bobby Update 4

OK, so back to the vet's office on Friday to remove the initial bandage and padding so that we can get access to the sutures and have them removed.

OH nearly passed out when they came off, the great lump had split his stitches and the wound was gaping wide open, I won't show any photos for those of a weak or nervous disposition - but suffice it to say it was not pleasant.

According to our vet (and we trust him to be correct) it's now too late to re-suture the wound and it will have to take its own time in healing. Amazingly though Bobby whilst obviously in pain put up very well with all that was going on with his leg.

He's now re-bandaged and due for it to be changed tomorrow (Monday), we've now got instructions to keep him even quieter and to try to stop him from licking the now much thinner bandaging. This is proving to be not so easy, especially at night - he's sleeping with us in the bedroom so that we can keep an eye on him (actually more like a 'ear' on him) to tell him not to lick - he's also wearing a cone/collar to try to dissuade him.

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