Monday, 8 March 2010

Bobby update 3

I wish I knew what is going on in the head of this crazy mutt, he's just incapable of sitting still.

He's forever wanting to get the other dogs to play, failing that he'll resort to one of his favourite toys - his tail. There's nothing better in his opinion than chasing his own tail, always catching it and then pulling himself around and around until he falls over.

We've had to change our routines so that there's always someone with him at all times, simply to be the meanie and stop him bouncing around.

At the end of this week he's due to have his sutures removed, this will obviously mean removing the heavy bandaging on his leg - which would probably make it even easier for the loon to bounce around even more.

I really hope all this is going to work for him, getting rid of his limp (caused by the broken ligament) and removing the need for Bobby to favour the other leg which was putting strain on the hip - we don't want it to go on to Hip-Dysplasia!

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