Monday, 1 March 2010

Bobby update 2

Well Bobby seems to be improving all the time, it's almost possible to see the improvement actually happening in real-time.

He's now quite adept at running around on his three fully working legs, although we try to keep him down to a reasonable speed - you can't keep him on a lead all the time. Whilst walking he's finding it a little more awkward to move using only three and does keep trying to use the bad leg, causing some obvious pain.

So far he's not allowed to go out into the garden with our other three dogs, for the simple fact that he thinks he's better and would immediately want to start running around and playing - well this isn't going to happen just yet.

Terry our Belgian Shepherd cross is a little put out at Bobby getting all the fuss and seems to resent him and often has a little grump under his breath in Bobby's direction, strange. The other two seem to realise that there's something really wrong and have been trying to keep their distance, even going as far as to happily get off their sofa to allow Bobby to get comfortable.

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