Saturday, 27 February 2010

What a difference a day makes.

OK, let me explain what's behind this posting's title.

We have what we believe (in our opinion) to be the most wonderful Golden Retriever called Bobby (pedigree name "Dom Perignon") and he came to us with a limp on his back right leg. Well this has over the past few months been getting worse - so the decision was made to have this looked at by our local vet.

On examination it was thought that he had a weakness in the ligaments of his right knee, this was to be confirmed by taking x-rays the following day (he'd already had his breakfast so that day it wasn't possible). I left Bobby in the hands of the vet the next morning for this to be done, returning for him a couple of hours later - to be told that yes the ligaments were a problem and that this had led to the cartilage being damaged. Further to this it meant that he was favouring the other leg and this would be putting strain on the hip - well we all know that Hip Dysplasia is a real problem and there's no way that we're going to let that happen if we can help it.

So the decision was taken that surgery would be performed to replace the damaged ligaments, remove the damaged cartilage and get him on the road to recovery.

He went in for surgery on Friday morning, during which the ligaments were replaced, one of which was not just damaged - it was completely broken.

We picked Bobby up later that day and brought him home to recover from the anaesthesia in a location that he would immediately recognise rather than in a cage at the surgery (this is the preferred method of our vet as it helps reduce the stress levels).

Yesterday Bobby was incapable of getting around without assistance from us, but this morning he's been up and about and is already learning to get around using only three legs, the fourth being completely strapped up and still obviously painful to walk on.

He's really a remarkable dog, not once showing anything other than his friendly nature towards both us and the other dogs.

Here's a photo of Bobby with his strapped up leg.

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