Tuesday, 13 October 2009

You know what's being described...but !!!

Found this article for sale on a Forum in the Bretagne region of France.

Whilst it's obvious what is being described, I have to admit to finding the tongue in cheek double-entendre used to be quite entertaining...

Huge cock free to a good home

Gordon (for that is his name) is a large, young naked necked cock now looking for a new home.

My cock is 24 weeks old and just starting to make noises much like a set of bagpipes.

Due to an agreement with the neighbours made some time ago my cock will need to find a new home before he finds his voice and as such, (and in the best of AI traditions) If you dont give him a home I will be forced to cut his head off.

As Gordon looks (and sounds) so much better with his head in it's current location please call now and rescue him.

My cock can be found 20mins east of Lannion (22)

The telephone number is ############

I dont have a photograph of him but if you don't know what a chicken looks like they you should not be adopting one now should you!

Don't ask me what the price is folks.... it's in the giveaway section and the clue is in the title

Call now and bag a huge cock for your chicks.

ps, Eat him if you like. I dont care

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