Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tractor update

Just a brief posting to say that I have now managed to obtain the necessary toplink bracket for the Kubota along with a 3-point linkage kit.

These were sourced from the UK, I just couldn't find them in France, even visiting the local Kubota dealers brought me no success. Anyway the pricing including the delivery to France made an importation simply better economics.

Spent yesterday afternoon and evening (after dinner and a couple of glasses of wine) installing these simple looking but reasonably heavy lumps of metal. Did you know that to get the bottom bar into position you HAVE to take the bloody back wheel off.

Good job I brought the tractor round to the front of the house so I could back it into the grange providing a good surface and enough light to work at night.

Well, getting the wheel off one would think difficult, but it actually proved to be easier than the one on my Citroën van ! Getting it back on was of course a bit more fiddly and involved lowering the jack whilst guiding the wheel onto the stud (I was getting knackered by then and lifting it on wasn't on the cards).

Anyway, suffice it to say I now have my 3-point linkage fitted and am going out next week to pick up the plough - then it's going to be time to play...yay!!!

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