Sunday, 4 October 2009

To pluck or to skin

Yes I realise this is a rather unusual question, whether to pluck or to skin the freshly killed chicken.

Well, having just culled four of our smaller females we wondered if it was worth trying to pluck them, especially as females have a lot more feather than the males.

Decision made, as these were older birds and not suitable for roasting, rather they would go in the pot - we decided to try skinning. Well this is not something that I have done before, so a quick look on the internet gave a couple of methods.

Having read these albeit brief tutorials, I set about the task working from the suspended legs to the neck - it's surprisingly a very rapid method - we did four in the space of time it would take to do a single one by plucking.

Result, four fairly clean skinned chickens for the OH to draw and bag ready for the freezer.

This method though I don't think would be suitable for younger birds that are more suited to roasting, the skin in my opinion helps immensely with the roasting process - not to mention I think it the tastiest part of the dinner.

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the fly in the web said...

Right, can't do it for young birds to roast, but ideal for the old boiler for casserole.
Wait till you try boning one...sounds dreadful but it is so simple and makes a brilliant cold dish, stuffed with pork and prunes.