Saturday, 5 September 2009

Le congélateur est arrivé

Great news - Le congélateur est arrivé

Our nice brand spanking new Hotpoint 300 litre freezer has just been delivered.

Just in time for us to start filling with all the homegrown meat and vegetables that are about to burst out of the other 'little' freezers.

Timing is excellent, having just culled four of our meat rabbits this morning, thanks go out to 'The Stonehead' for his very excellent tutorial on skinning rabbits (be warned that if you go to look at his link it is very graphic).

A lot of people are I'm sure going to moan about the fact that we grow our own rabbits for the table, well I'm sorry to say to those that if my lifestyle upsets you then tough. We grow our own food as much as possible, a lot of effort goes into ensuring that they are well looked after and handled as humanely as possible, I'm comfortable that they had a good life and a swift dispatch.

Rabbits of course not being the only meat produce we're working on, we also have Chickens (both for eggs and meat), Ducks (again egg and meat), Geese that are coming on very nicely in time for winter and a couple of Turkeys (which we're hoping we'll get to breed from).

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