Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The "Jungle"

Isn't it amazing, listening to Sky News about the French authorities clearing the "Jungle" at Calais and the only protester voices shouting are ENGLISH. Does this mean that these protesters would be happy to have an unrestricted flow of illegals into the UK, well if that's the case then those protesters ought to be the ones to pay for their upkeep.

It's also quite unsurprising how there aren't (that I know of) other "Jungle" camps bordering other countries they all want to get into the UK, well if you ask me they should pull up the drawbridge and lock the doors. This would then remove the need for these 'camps' as there would be no 'soft touch' country just over the Channel and then France would not have this problem.

France is not responsible for taking these people in, it is for the country of first EU entry to do so, but they just let them through knowing that the UK is their real intended destination.

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the fly in the web said...

It has always puzzled me why France doesn't just bung them back to their first country of entry in Europe...they seem quick enough to repatriate poor guys who have lived here for years, have families, are working and paying tax...