Monday, 21 September 2009

I can drive a tractor - now!

Well I've been after one at a sensible price for quite a while and now I've finally managed to get myself a tractor... meet 'Cubby' or at least that's its current name.

This is going to allow me to dramatically increase the amount of vegetable growing in the coming seasons, a lot of which I think will be devoted to animal fodder, especially for the rabbits.

In the immediate future my plans are for me to obtain the necessary parts to get it into ploughing mode. It was a really good priced tractor so unfortunately is short of the three-point linkage that will allow me to hook up all sorts of implements. These are being sourced as I write...

First I have to get hold of the Toplink Bracket, basically a hunk of metal to bolt onto the back, this attaches to the third part of the three-point linkage system (the other two lifting arms are already there).

This then allows me to fit the complete category 1 three-point linkage, which with then connect to a plough, a topper or a rotavator (remember THIS posting).

Once these tasks are done, then I have one acre or thereabouts that's going to be ploughed up and made into a super-duper vegetable plot, there'd be no way I could do that by hand.

So watch this space for developments...

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