Friday, 11 September 2009

Egg records

One of the things that I try to do is to work out by keeping records of how much money our livestock make for us - OK we're not officially allowed to sell produce (daft French laws) but sometimes it sort of happens in a barter kind of way.

Well, my records for egg laying goes back to 2 November 2008 and after tallying up yesterday's layings we've just topped 2800 eggs.

As I consider our boys and girls to be good quality, free-range birds I can then price up the value of each egg accordingly, currently running at 0.25c each.

So with the money that we save by not buying any eggs, nor fresh chicken meat we then buy our feedstock and all the various bits and bobs you need for animals.

OK we not 'making' a fortune, we are just about running in the 'black' so to speak, but the eggs and chicken meat we have I believe to be far superior to that that we would have normally bought.

Then of course there is all the other livestock we have to supply us, Ducks, Geese Turkeys and Rabbits - they all add up to a good diet. Oh not forgetting the two sheep we hope to have in lamb this winter, they're offspring will be for the freezer.

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