Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pirates worry about their future business...!

Having been involved in the Shipping and Logistics arena for many, many years the issue of Piracy on the high seas is one of interest to me.

A few people will know of my attitude towards pirates and this would normally involve a lot of heavy armaments especially in shark infested seas...!

Now I see a report on the BBC News website that the Somali pirate clans have started fighting amongst themselves - well done lads, go on, blow each others' brains out!

One comment from a pirate called 'Mohammed' really made me chuckle though...

"The two clans are fighting over land and a girl who was raped in the forest," a local man, Farah Aden, told Reuters news agency.

"Unfortunately, the battles spread into town. Fighting is going on fiercely."

A pirate, who gave his name as Mohammed, told Reuters that those involved in piracy around the port were concerned that their activities would be damaged.

"We are all members of these two clans, and we are worried that this fight might end up being taken out on to the ocean," he said.

I feel so sorry for them...not!

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