Monday, 24 August 2009

The hot weather might have broken.

I'm hoping for a few days of cooler weather, it's just been too hot to do anything too strenuous outside (or inside for that matter), but I think for at least the next couple of days it could be OK.

Had a storm during the early hours of this morning, with some (but not really enough) rain - could certainly do with some more the grass in the geese paddock is looking very brown. Have been having to water their space to promote more growth - no grass equals hungry geese.

I think a couple of days of steady rain would do it, revitalise the ground and reduce the amount of watering I'm having to do for the veggie plot. Although knowing how accurate (not) the forecasts are for our little area I guess I'll be watering for a little while yet - good job we're not under any drought restrictions yet.

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