Monday, 29 June 2009

Les Hérolles market

Had the pleasure of accompanying good friends to the well known market at Les Hérolles. This monthly market is reputed to be the biggest in France and after walking around most of it this morning I think I would agree.

There was a good selection of poultry available, some varieties of which I had seen before. There is a larger animal market as well, luckily for the animals this is undercover. But if you want to stand any chance of getting yourself sheep, pigs, cattle etc you'll have to get there for the crack of dawn tostand any chance.

As for the rest of the stalls there is a great choice of vegetables, fruit and many different artisans.

Was a little hot this morning, very hot full strength sun bearing down on us, certainly making it very enjoyable to have to stop for a quick 'pression' on our return trip.

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