Monday, 5 January 2009

It's going to be a chilly week.

We've apparantly got a few cold days coming, in fact this morning it's reading -4c on the outside thermometer, brrrr!

This is how it looked first light this morning, no it's not snow, just a heavy frost. With it also being overcast today I don't expect it to disappear too quickly, yesterday's frost remained in sheltered spots all day even with the bright blue skies and sun we had.

To the left is the temperature prediction for this week, as you can see we're expecting to stay below freezing until Thursday afternoon. But the air is still and very dry so doesn't feel too bad.

Although there are good sides to this cold spell, it does kill off all the bugs and nasties that like to live in the chickens' coop making it all the better for them.

Having to break the ice every morning for the chickens and goat and also during the day, just goes to show how cold it is. 

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