Sunday, 23 November 2008

Getting yourself known on the internet

Update 2 December.

Very pleased to report that Google, having been crawling the site for the last few days, have now included a few pages in their index.

It's a start and I hope that they'll index the rest of the pages in a short time.

Having just started up a new on-line community, Poitou Pointers, I am now actively trying to get it known to the internet.

Word of mouth is working to an extent, with 23 members having registered, since its inception on the 12th November. Registering with search engines has been initiated using WEB-CEO software, with around 50 engines registered so far.

Whilst getting your URL submitted is the easy bit, getting it listed in the search engine's index is the big and hardest bit.

Unfortunately getting into Google is quite a task and seems to take forever, I'd like to add a meta-tag onto my index page, but as the forum is still in its infancy I have not yet gone for the full paid-up service, so editing meta-tags is so far not available. I've of course registered the URL manually with Google and submitted through the Web-CEO software, but I guess it will take a little time.

If you see this posting, then please do come to Poitou Pointers, register with us and join in the community, alternatively feel free to write a post on your own blog about us (not forgetting to add the link of course, what do link!).

For those of you who'd like to start reciprocal linking please let me know and I'll start a links section on this blog.


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