Thursday, 16 October 2008

Water recuperation

Photo as promised...
From Ex 'Expat' now in France
Update 16-Oct: These water butts are doing really well, OK so I've still got a bit of a leak around the connectors, but not to worry we're losing very little water. 

We drained all of the water that we had collected since the 7th into the new 'duck-pond', it's only a little one, more like a big bowl/bath (see here...) and as the ducks are loving it, flinging water all over the place I had to top the 'pond' up with the rain from last night, we collected around 350 litres just last night, so had plenty available for the ducks.

Update 7-Oct: Well they're filling up quite nicely, however the seals on the fittings are not as good as they could be, we've got a little leak... :-(

Going to have to put some mastic around the fittings, that is once I've used the water that we have collected so far.

Well I managed to get two of our 'bidons' interconnected so that they both fill and drain together. They've been installed standing on some heavy grade timber planks on top of the existing open trough water collector, with an adapter/fitting on the down pipe so that the rain is diverted into the waterbutts.

That was all done a day or so ago, now it's drizzling and already they're about half full, so that's 200 litres of clean(ish) water for the garden. Don't see why I should let all that water go to waste into the ditch, we'll need it sometime.

Because these are enclosed bidons I am expecting not to get infested with mosquito larvae this time, the open trough was simply teeming with them, not good when your dogs like the flavour better than that in their water bowls...!

I'll post a photo when it stops raining and brightens up enough to make a decent image.

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