Friday, 10 October 2008

All for the benefit of six ducks.

We've had a big metal bowl/basin (for lack of a better term), about 5 foot across, embedded in the ground outback since we arrived here in February, so now that we're bringing up six ducks, thought that it might suit as a mini duck-pond for them.

Having dug out the earth and rocks that had accumulated in it, prised it out of its ground indentation for washing out with the Karcher, it's now standing in the sun, drying out.

"Why's it drying out, when you're going to make a pond out of it...?" I hear you ask.

Well there's a few drainage holes in it, seems that it was a planter in the past, so I'll use some mastic, seal it up, plonk it back in the indentation (after having a trial fill to make sure I got all the holes) and hey presto the ducks will have their new mini pond.

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