Sunday, 14 September 2008

To rotovate or not to rotovate, that is...

...the question.

 If I had one of these... 

Then I guess that the question would be easy to answer, but I don't have a tractor, I have the walk behind style of rotovator.

OK it does do a pretty good job, but believe me when the ground that you're working over has never been done before, it's bloody hard work.

Have been at it all day, with the exception of a break to watch the Monza F1 race, then straight back outside to burn off some more petrol (and calories).

Still, it's a darn site easier than turning over the ground with a fork...OUCH.

But I do have a lovely roast chicken dinner to look forward to tonight, one of our own chickens of course, otherwise what's the point of having them I ask? A couple of glasses of Chardonnay should go down nicely with it, then it'll be time to rest the weary bones, until tomorrow.

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