Sunday, 7 September 2008

Getting the hacksaw out

Update 9th September

Well, after breaking at least two hacksaw blades (I was going through metal pipes rather than plastic), the 'tap' was successfully installed.

I'm writing this just as a thunderstorm is about to dump on us, so I've opened the tap to fill the barrel, let's see if it works ok.


Today, hopefully, I'm going to be getting out the hacksaw and cutting a chunk out of our drainpipes...!

We've gotten ourselves some large plastic barrels (called 'bidons' here), a couple of them will be installed on top of the current water collection trough. As the current trough is open to the elements it gets clogged up with all sorts of windblown crap, not to mention the mosquito larva during the warmer months.

I'll be fitting water recuperation devices onto the down pipe and this will feed rainwater into the barrels. Initially the two barrels won't be interconnected, but this is the way I want it to end up, so that one down pipe will fill both barrels. When full, they will give us a total of 400 litres of water for the garden and as they're going to be enclosed we shouldn't have any problems with junk or mosquitoes.

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